Dazz Story

It all began with a call from our customer Petra. She was in search of a stunning gift for her husband and called the Personello hotline. We are a Germany based photogift shop with several hundred photo gifts and thousands of beautiful design templates. But this was not enough for our customer Petra. She had her own vision and wanted something really extraordinary.

She told my hotline colleague Lena that an "ordinary" portrait image of her husband would be much too boring. What she had in mind was some kind of fancy vectorized abstraction of his portrait. A design so special that his colleagues would turn their heads and say „Wow! How did you do that!“.

Petra had seen such vectorized portraits in some celebrity magazines and now wanted us to do the same for her husband's portrait. First, Lena was dazzled because we did not offer such a service at all at that time.

There, everybody immediately loved the idea and they decided to give it a try. Many hours and drawings later we had a first „Vector photostyle“ portrait of her husband. We were all stunned how good and special it looked and we heard "I want that too!" many times that day. More important: Petra loved it as well :)

This was an eye opener for us. The idea to enhance portrait images is not new but we always thought photo services at that level were not needed for photo gifts. And far too expensive anyway. With new enthusiasm we drafted a plan. The anchor point was the artwork and value we wanted to create for our customers. No matter how complicated the creation would be or how long it would take, we would do it. Also, we did not want any limitation to what is today possible by automatic software and Apps. The customers should be guaranteed to always get the best possible result.

With this principle it became unimportant how long a photostyle takes to be done. Or what tools can be used to create it. Some photostyles are completed in minutes while others may take hours of work. Only the result counts. At Dazz, each photo is taken care of by real world designers so you get the best result. No matter how long that takes.

Dazzle and delight your friends with your next photostyled present :)